Last minute


Time goes by quietly but very fast. Very very fast. Can’t you feel the time of everything important you are doing is over? Always looking time while I see through my window how the sun goes up and, then, up. Day by day. And things  at the other side of this window change quickly ,feeling strongly I can’t arrive on time to those this things changing. Running, always running… Hurry, up, dear! But life doesn’t wait for me; it does not wait for anyone.

But… We have always the last minute, this last minute we can seize, converting thoughts in facts. In the last minute, sixty seconds. We can strongly seize this sixty seconds climbying a step. Or, simply make a dream come true. The best option always is have time to do all we can (is’ all we want’ possible? Don’t think so…) with a correct planning of time… I am not a machine! I can’t! How you do?

At least, I will have always the chance of the last minute. And if I lose this sixty seconds too, what a pitty, I wish I’ ll have another opportunity. Another ‘last minute’. Sixty seconds more.

But don’t forget: the last minute is an option. The only one a lot of times.

Try the last minute. Not a solution. But an option.



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